About Oasis

Working together as one, to inspire, empower and reconnect Indigenous people impacted by homelessness.

About us

The Oasis Society is a not-for-profit urban Indigenous organization. The Society has been responding to the needs of the community in a unique and personal way since 2006.

We deliver an effective culturally appropriate program to urban Indigenous peoples. The Oasis Society works with vulnerable Indigenous people living on the streets of Victoria and those involved in street life. The objectives of our program are to: foster a sense of belonging in a caring, inclusive and culturally appropriate community; nurture the establishment and growth of authentic relationships between people from different walks of life; host events that encourage connection to self, others, extended family, nature, elders and ceremony.

For the Oasis Society, the vision of integrated recovery speaks to the efforts needed to confront the dis-integration that has happened to families and cultural systems since the time of contact. In our understanding, integrated recovery means more than being free of substance abuse, it means there is a meaningful integration into community, family, and culture. At the Oasis Society, we believe this is made possible through spiritual practices that open us up to the oasis of strength within that makes what previously seemed impossible become possible. When recovery is integrated, the healing that happens for the individual and extended family can be lasting and holistic – a healing of body, mind and spirit.

Our Board

Oasis has an all-Indigenous volunteer board which guides the organization to meet it’s strategic goals.

Kathryn Lacerte


Brendan Decontie


Marianne Lacerte


Carl Mashon


Mark Atleo


Rosy Hartman